Zigmunt Kelevitz (Ziggy) is a well-known character around the Daylesford spa town of Daylesford. Many people know him as the owner and owner of Albert in Camp and Mills Daylesford, but there is so much more to the story.

Ziggy was born in 1954 in Budapest, Hungary. His parents emigrated to Australia when he was only 2 years old, almost by accident. At first they meant to go to America, to escape the problems of Eastern Europe, but the ship to Australia was on the move and that was a decision made. The family first settled in Townsville, Queensland and then moved to Victoria and settled in Geelong.

At the age of 9 he got into a fight. It was in this game that he was set to excel. He has been the most successful driver in Australia to date. During these years of training with the Australian National Team, he would have won the national title 17 times! His training took him all over the world, and he competed and trained all over America, Europe and Asia. He fought in the Olympics, Montreal in 1976, Moscow in 1980 and Los Angeles in 1984, where he placed 5th.

It was at the Commonwealth Games that Ziggy was very successful. With silver medals in Brisbane and Edinburgh and winning a gold medal at the 1978 Edmonton Games. So far no Australian player has won a medal at the Commonwealth Games.

His life outside of sports is full of success. He is a father of 3 children and is trained to put carpets. As an entrepreneur, Ziggy has spent most of his time at Victoria’s Spa Region which sells 2 handfuls in Trentham, the old Daylesford Bazaar, holding a cleaning contract at the Hepburn Springs Spa Complex and now runs two successful hospitality businesses. The Albert Camp is the guest house that Ziggy returned to the original Albert Hotel, which was set on fire. The property retains much of its authenticity, as Ziggy has faithfully decorated the guest house in the original style. Mills Daylesford is another property near Albert, this is a series of flats with studios, spas and modern facilities.

Although he is best known near the town of Daylesford, for the most part his winning personality and staying friendly and optimistic, many times when he meets him it is hard to believe that he is very successful and maintains his humility and humor. . Ziggy is a true champion in all areas of life.

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