UFO: Concepts of the future and the end of the world

I was sitting in the front seat wondering if I should wash the van or pick the last tomatoes from one of my grapes that produced about marble tomatoes the size of marble this summer.

I learned last year that you only need one tomato plant in Idaho unless you want to (Wal-Mart® report) Accidentally I chose a plant that pumps those tomatoes that I don’t like. I love the big ones that send juice down your ponds when you bite them.

My granddaughter, L, loves little ones and I found that if you could get your hand and hold it in your mouth at the same time, like her, you could get a great tomato feeling. I went out to my plant and got a hand. That’s where the Xrytspet appeared.

“I don’t see how you can eat those things!”

I said, “Go away, Xrytspet!”

And he said, I came to help. Is that how I am treated?

“What do you want, Xrytspet?”

“I’m going to help you with this article you’re thinking about.”

As usual, he stayed at my church. I said, “Get off my thighs!”

I want to help you with that Thoughts for the future — Do you have a dream for the future to change the world? Post your best or newest comments here! New class article http: //ezinearticles.com.

“I heard when I wanted you to help me write, Xrytspet? I have my own ideas on this article.”

“They stink!”

“What do you mean, they smell bad? You’re sitting there interrupting my computer, aren’t you?”

“I’ve done a few updates on your article.”

He kissed my cheek and disappeared after turning into the Northern Fish Magistrate, Blue Bird, and North Shriek.

Last week he turned into a cheetah, a puma and a jaguar before disappearing. The jaguar chased me up and down our cherry.

I decided to jump out of the van. It was cloudy west and probably rainy. I went online and read his article as follows:

Future concepts and dreams that will change the world including ingenuity and new ideas. by Xrytspet and John T. Jones, Ph.D.

To identify the future we go to Synchronic Isentropic Time Warp Predictor type on The world. Here is a printout of the highlights:

March 2017: The war of Bush II (Iraq) ends. Countless Iraqi (counting) victims are 12337 Americans, 12 Australians, 987 Britons, 134 Bulgarians, 7 Danes, 9 Dutch, 14 Estonians, 14 9 Hungarians, 260 Italians, 3 Kazakhs, 4 Latvian, 174 Pali, 4 Salvadoran, 6 Slovaks, 11 Spanish, 8 Thai and 18 -Ukraine.

April 2034: War II (Afghanistan) ends. The casualties of counting Afghan (countless) citizens were 1250 Americans, 8 Australians, 12 Britons, 16 Canadians, 12 Danes, 14 French, 45 Germans, Italians -16, 5 Norwegians, 7 Romanians and 57 Spaniards. There was also the death of the Pakistani (countless) people.

January 2037: Release of mobile products Only 2,345 billion phones were produced in 2036. The death toll from mobile phone drivers has risen to 52,617 deaths and 7,260,006 accidents.

November 2248: Post rebels try to bring freedom to the United States: Students from the University of Nevada, Topah have asked President Valerie Clinton, a descendant of President Hillary Rodman Clinton, to confirm 47 that she left the union last year to return and start Congress again. The President said, “Are you kidding? I can’t control the remaining three countries (Utah, Nevada, and Idaho).”

October – December 2869: Meteor shower drops largely in Aberdeen, Kansas and Aberdeen, Scotland. Most of the humanoids were killed in the two Aberdeens (and surrounding areas) in recent times rock show from the sky. The Mongolian horse breeder said, “Finally! Now I can raise my horses in peace without these National Geographic guys living here all the time.”

February 2356: Nubian man creates fire by combing sticks together (Also called Cush, Cushite land, Te-Nehesy, Nubadae, Napata, or Meroei Kingdom.): Amun-Pa of Batn El Hajar or “Belly of Rocks” found fire, something we all forgot. He lit a torch and ran all the way to Cataract 6, north of Khartoum. His run will be repeated at the first Nubian Olympics in September, in Khartoum, just after the hot season.

August 2459: Antarctica is now melted. Geologists estimate the ideal marine conditions east of the underwater community in Sacramento, CA and in the lowlands of Spruce Pine, NC.

June 2787: Astronomers apologize for not specifying the exact route of the last Asteroid Humongous fall. Speaking to a scientist in Area 51 near Los Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Alice Brown-Jones, a distant cousin of the famous cinema star, Catherine Zeta Jones, who had been watching us on our television for decades, told a news conference at 1:17:17 that a trail of Humongous Asteroid was incorrectly calculated last fall and an asteroid would hit the dead spot of the moon rather than revolve around our planet absorbing sea water in the sky. (It could be an idea!) He said a scientist in Area 51 near Los Vegas calculated the results, but he suggested that we all take steps to study A Nuclear Safe Harbor. As a public service we recommend:

1. Find a sturdy table or desk. )

2. Sit under a desk or table.

3. Pull your legs toward the chin but keep your legs long enough to kiss your buttocks.

Record End

After reading this account, I felt a sense of relief. None of this will affect me much.

Copyright © John T. Jones, Ph.D. In 2005


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