Try the New Technology-Thanksgiving Culture for free

In our fast-paced techno-world world it takes effort to slow down and appreciate our blessings — including the technology we rely on. Explain this Thanksgiving is a non-techno day (after reading this article) and begin some rituals beyond the sacrament.

A day without techno does not mean using television, DVDs, computers, video games, cell phones and music / video players.

Do not take photos during Thanksgiving. Choose another photographer to take “official” photos to share with the public the next day. Instead of a group photo, take some photos that can be used for later decoration.

During dinner thank you everyone can they shared which techno instrument they most missed and why. Older family members can talk about the same old technology device they remember, such as black and white TV, 8 cassettes or air phones. Hide a gift card at a tech store or a music download under one of the seats to get to the end of the meal.

Some free tech services after dinner including board games, party games, and picnic games. If you have a big family meeting, turn it into an Olympic competition for teams or families, with more games in each category. Each team member participates in one game in each category. Winners receive paper colored feathers to form feathers in first, second or third place in each game. A family with a lot of feathers at the end of the day will take the most things left at home.

If you do not have an extended family with you in Thanksgiving, you can cut and decorate paper to make feathers or guide cards as Christmas decorations. Make them big enough for people to write on the back. Send one to each extended family member. Ask them to write their names and something they are grateful for on the back and return a decoration card or feathers to you. In a few weeks it is advisable to send all the thanks in the fridge, on the bulletin board or on the wall, tie them to a fire blanket, or hang them on your Christmas tree.

Remember the families of the soldiers sent abroad for they have given up their holiday to give thanks in order to serve your country. Make a poster to give to a family of the military. The title is “Thank you and your soldier.” Decorate it with beautiful wishes and inspiring messages, as well as holiday colors and designs. You may want to include a photo of your family and say you are grateful for the freedom the soldiers are protecting.

Make a Thanksgiving or Christmas decoration as a family in recycled glasses and a mirror. Before Thanksgiving ask the local glass shop if they have pieces of glass and a mirror for reuse. They can even cut large pieces for you. The thick mirror and glass can be cut into simple shapes with rounded sides and decorative edges. Use paint or glue glitter to decorate with symbols, characters, words or scenes. You could also write down events, things or people you are grateful for.

Get ready for Christmas with simple glass items. A rotating mirror can be placed under candle holders or lampstands to reflect light. You can reuse old picture frames. Have a piece of mirror cut to size and glue it to the frame. Paint the frame with holiday color and decorate it in the mirror first.

Most importantly, tell the people who are most important to you that you are grateful for them. For techno Thanksgiving free, you may want to write an article. Count your blessings every day, in every way.


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