Lowering your golf score is not an easy task and requires hard work and patience to accomplish. Improving short game is one of the fastest shooting points. The short game primarily involves shooting within 120 wards.

Wedge game tips:

A lot of practice is very important if you want to improve your short game even more wedge game. The impetus needed to improve in a short game will only be to practice. Spend as much time as you can on explosives within 150 wards in a row. You will also have to work hard when rotating vegetables as it is the key to getting up and down regularly.

Don’t forget to give time to bunker shots during practice as getting up and down the bunkers can save you a lot of blows every time you play. With a short thumb you need to hit the sand about 2 to 3 inches behind the ball so you can use a sand cushion to get the ball out of the sand. Be sure to slow down as this is important so that you can get the ball out as quickly as possible.

Subject management is another key factor in ensuring that your scores are as low as possible. Choose targets for the tee that you are confident you can beat most of the time so saving is always the best strategy if you want to reduce your score. What is often overlooked in subject management is the green look. Whenever possible find out where the pin is placed on the vegetables and choose targets on the fairways that give you the best angle on the nails to avoid as many accidents as possible.

Learning to position well is another key to being a better golfer. One of the keys for me to set consistently is to make sure you choose one setting and stick to it. Keep in mind that even the best putter will throw simple putts so it is important that you develop the chosen memory and do not dwell on past mistakes. Instead, analyze and read quickly what you can say about your mistakes and continue to believe that the next gun will go into the hole. When you have finished placing the putt be sure to keep your mind focused on the target and keep the mind quiet when you start hitting.

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