The personal role of the Coaches in preparing Olympic athletes

We all remember the summer of 2012, the excitement and energy that the Olympics brought to London. If you were one of the lucky ones to get tickets you would have seen hundreds of thousands of athletes from all over the world compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in their chosen sport.

The Olympics began as early as the 4th century BC, at Olympia in Greece, however the modern summer Olympics as we know them today began in 1894. They are included in the modern Olympics in the 30s, but with multiple categories in each sport.

A few facts about the London Olympics. London has hosted the Olympics three times, in 1908, in 1948 and in 2012. At the 2012 Olympics the number of athletes competing was over 10,500. For the athletes, 205 countries were represented, and those athletes competed in 302 Olympic events within 19 days. London has had to donate more than $ 600million, but British economy has made more than $ 10billion

Athletes competing in the Olympics have stopped doing bad things to represent their countries in the sports of their choice. For many the only reason they have taken training is that they have finally represented their country at the Olympics, and hopefully become champions. But what does it take to be a champion and dedicate so much time, blood, sweat and tears, to represent your country.

The champion needs to be the best, has the green talent in their chosen sport, has to sacrifice a normal life and has to put in hard labor training many hours a day and week. That’s why few of us become the last in any game, most of us fall by the wayside or aren’t as ready as they should be at the top.

A good analogy to think about is to give someone a drawing book and pencils and tell them to draw a picture for the rest of their lives, they are more likely to do well in drawing and extra-time pictures will improve; However put a professional artist next to them every time they draw their picture and they will quickly improve and become a successful artist.

Many athletes need more exercise to achieve their goals, they need to help make the next move, more people are returning to Ubuntu coaches. Personal trainers are professional athletes themselves who know everything about physical condition and nutrition. After all many former athletes become personal trainers as they have more knowledge of what is best for them.

When the personal trainer comes to him first they will sit down with their client to decide on the plan and their goal, talking about their current approach to practice and their current diet. With all this information the exercise program is prepared and recommended a proper diet.

It does not end there. In all training plans they will train the client and give them regular testing and if necessary inform them of any changes required by the exercise or nutrition plan to keep them on track to their goals.

Personal trainers do not make the best athletes in the world. In your local city you will find many of your coaches, network with one another and see how they can help you achieve your goals and represent your country at the next London Olympics.


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