Should the Olympics Continue?

Athletes are trained to the best of their ability and the excitement of the Olympics is that it can be a disaster for them. There is also a huge investment of money, time, organization, and equipment of the country to which it is attached. Measure that, however, against the threat to world health and where are we? Confusion and the confirmation committee sitting to oversee the Games compete with the rationale and risk posed by Zika virus.

While the virus was banned in South America, Brazil, Venezuela, and elsewhere, the question is, did the OGC know about the virus before it offered games in that region? There is a possibility that a major fraud and ploy has already been devised by the Brazilian government to seize the information to secure the contract.

In the event that the latter happened, what legal responsibility does it have to decide on the Olympics? What if it is decided that he must accept responsibility and pay compensation for moving the games elsewhere? On the other hand, what can people do to show that they are going to sports and that they are infected?

Of course these things need to be put on the table before anyone leaves and goes back to their countries to spread the disease further. While many have already done so as officers, organizers, cooks, and athletes, they already exist and are now carrying the virus seen in countries like China and Australia among others.

Calling Games off may seem like a reasonable solution but the presence of something that is far from the feed-back. There is no precedent in history, except for World War II, which saw the Games cease for a few years. Certainly the threat posed by the virus is associated with a very serious war and confirms the person who calls it.

Is the world health situation so small in comparison with the investment that no one dares to say no?

My rebirth and the knowledge that we are in the last days is one reason to speak. However, it is not possible to change the events that are part of the delivery trap. It is my opinion that the Zika virus, among other things, will do just that. We cannot give up the inevitable.


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