Shooting history- Where did it start?

Shotted history can be traced back thousands of years to the days before the British Isles converted to Christianity and the world was still ruled by emperors. By this time the sport was legal and became an Olympic sport in 1896.

Today the sport is made using a heavy metal ball and special techniques have been developed so that you can throw the ball as far as possible. To be truly successful in this race, athletes need to combine strengths, form, and strength.

Going back thousands of years the event was held with stone balls in Scotland. Lords will use the ceremony to determine which one is more powerful. They will choose one of their heroes to throw a ball of stone as much as possible and the winner will be considered the strongest man in the army. The festival is also part of the Highland Games.

Sports changed during the Middle Ages until the 18th century, when they became popular sports among soldiers throwing ball grenades. From this era of sports where it gets its name with a “shot” referring to a cannon ball and part of the “putting” throwing style used.

Until the start of the modern Olympics the sport was popular, but it was illegal. As part of the track and stage at the Olympic Games it was officially completed. It will not be a women’s event in sports but until 1948.

Games today have not changed much in the rest of history. Balls today are made of lead and are always a very different method used. One of the most popular sports for athletes was Randy Barnes who introduced the circular form in 1976.


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