Bodybuilding is hard work. As far as athletics and sports are concerned, it can be the most difficult. I have spent time in competitive boxing, martial arts, powerlifting but I think I can confidently say that bodybuilding has made me face my biggest challenges. All games feature different unique challenges only

sports. Boxing taught me that I had to pick up my fists, shake my fists and, most importantly, do my best to avoid being beaten. Boxing also taught me how to be more patient. My martial arts training caused pain in parts of my body that I never knew existed. I learned the importance of stretching, flexibility and mental behavior.

They are wearing completely different clothes. Some of the same things exist. Bodybuilding requires constant training, both mentally and physically. However, real bodybuilding is more than a sport – it is a way of life. From food, to supplements, to activities that affect your daily schedule, bodybuilding requires dedication unlike anything else. So, on top of that, you will have to look in the mirror every day and see progress with the new muscle type with a great degree of definition. It can be very frustrating when a mirror does not reflect the benefits you believe you have achieved and work hard for.

That is why it hurts me to see those who are still building and even more so, experienced, making mistakes and giving in to avoidable obstacles and hindering their progress. As we look at the following barriers, let us remember that they can make or break a bodybuilder.

1. Hold on to the foundations

Here comes Johnny Newcomer. He jumps at the mob. Jumps the curved weight in the rows. If you asked him to do something to die he would look confused and wonder why you asked him a funny question. He would like to use machines, turn on light dumbbells, and play around with a rope. Yeah yeah, I forgot, he also likes to print on the bench. None of these things are wrong and all of them are important, but they do not have to change the basic, weighty movements (barbells). Compulsory walking involves more than one muscle group (squats, deadlifts, etc.) and body tax in a way that can result in the best metabolic and hormonal state – if you don’t overdo it. If you include hard movements like squats, hard bends in rows, assassinations, and military printing presses in your regimen, you will see and feel the difference. Give it a photo and let me know. I am sure he will come back smiling even though they will take their burden off physically.

2. Go home – that’s enough: Stop passing

You see them every day at the gym. They’re moving from machine to machine and it looks like they don’t want to go home. Sometimes I’m always scared and ask myself, “Do you have a home to go to?” They work 20 to 30 sets of biceps and still have the guts to do training after all that. If you train for more than an hour, you’re dating. So far I’m worried you’ve reached what I call a place of no return. After forty-five minutes of vigorous resistance to your immune system and that causes a sharp increase in cortisol (hormone stress). You will have a significant reduction in testosterone and growth rates. If you cut back on exercise and increase your recovery time and workout space, you will grow.

3. Replace light and fluffy with weight and heaviness

Put down the light weight and stop looking at yourself in the mirror with such lust in your eyes. If you have a ghost just looking in the mirror as you grin and breathe, you won’t lift a heavy enough weight. Muscles will only grow when they are forced into the necessary alignment to lift the heavy object rather than using it and being alert to normal. In other words, lift weights and lift with vigor. Hard work and hard work are two different things. Depth is something you should strive for if muscle mass is your goal. How can you lift more vigorously? Lift heavy weights. I say that because I know the word “power” gives some people the wrong impression. You can scream and shout in the gym, but that doesn’t mean you’re lifting vigorously.

To understand the true meaning of power I like to balance power and full load. I know there can be a problem with this. Some may lift weights, but they lack mental strength. But keep in mind that when I use the word firm I am referring not only to mental matters, but to coercion, strength and speed. Keep your representation list in place 4-6 and make 9-12 sets on each body part. Heavy weight will be considered weight that you cannot get more than 6 reps yourself while using a strict form. When you get to this point and you can do 7 reps, add more weight until you continue to cross this rep scheme. Keep it light and bright. It is harder and harder where the muscles live.

4. There is no happy hour here: Focus, concentrate, concentrate.

I think some people see exercise as bars, nightclubs or community organizations. I am amazed when I see people standing in the middle of a set to engage in conversation for 15-30 minutes or more. It’s unbelievable. It’s one thing to end the exercise and to cool off. But that is not the case most of the time. I once saw a girl walk up to a friend and start a conversation. Just in the moment I think you should have done it. Well, you know what they say about thinking – never do it. She turned around 35 minutes later when I left and picked up the same machine she had stopped. Concentration and stress are directly related to your level of success and muscle growth. Keep the conversation going after practice. Think about and not focus on anything other than the muscle you are training. The only thing you need to do between the sets is to carefully stretch the muscle you are working on. And I’m not talking about what’s in your mouth.

5. Time is now: The importance of pre-service / post-practice petrol

Last week a guy came to the gym and came up to me and asked me if I should take a protein drink after exercising. I told her that if she did not plan to have a protein / carbohydrate drink after her workout, it would be better for her to stay home. How can one think that it is okay to put the body in a resistance training program and not know how important it is to give the body the nutrition it needs to grow and repair? You have a window of opportunity immediately after exercise that can lead to the foundation of an anabolic (building) miraculous or alternative (demolition) condition. You will need to always absorb a good source of protein for at least an hour before you work out and protein / carbohydrate is left immediately after exercise. Make sure you have a source of exercise before you are digested. It would never be a good idea to practice on any regular basis in your system. I would recommend 5 grams of glutamine before and after every workout. Never miss out on taking your glutamine.

6. Giver of life: Drink your water.

Your body can stay months without food, but only days without water. Your muscles make up almost 70% water. Water is responsible for almost every function in your body. Lack of proper hydration can cause muscle weakness, inhibit muscle growth, cause joint pain, bring about a lack of concentration and stress and inhibit your body’s ability to burn fat. That is to name just a few. Drinking your water is the most important thing you can do – time. Drink at least one liter a day.

7. Put the pills down: Eat your food

He walks into a healthy grocery store and the salesman smiles as he sees a young man with a passion for bodybuilding and his wide appetite looking at the muscles. The slim builder then came out with a tool box that he could only get home by truck. The biggest mistake made by bodybuilders is to spend tons of money on pills and supplements when they are not eating the right amounts of solid food to begin with. Supplements have their place. But supplements should not replace healthy eating. Eating 5-6 solid foods that build muscle every day will build muscle more than any pill or powder. Make sure you have a balance of Protein / Carbohydrates and fats. For muscle gain I would recommend an average of 25 percent protein, 50% Carbs, 25% fat or depending on your metabolism another good dose I put my clients on is 35/45/2020. If weight gain is your goal then add 500 calories more than your nutrition and total expenditure level.

Avoiding routine traps can bring immediate benefits to the muscles. Try to implement these basics if you are not already doing so.

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