Series Golf Swing Series: How to Find Your Setting Style

The first thing I want to say about placement is that it is

personal object.

When you play you will see many different ways,

grip, stand, twist, and other types of forms.

Are there any wrong ways? NO! No one is wrong, and probably

most of them are not even-yours.

So, trying a lot of different placement techniques is worth it

of the.

Most of these can be made at home on the carpet, or you can

make your own house, within which you will build a green house

I mentioned in the preceding article.

When I first started playing golf, setting and so on, but on

a small degree, my nemesis.

I can’t hit the ball directly.

Do you have this problem?

Maybe with practice and imagination you will hit the road

that deserves and makes you so beautiful.

As you practice you will try all kinds of beats.

Strong arm arm and shoulder strap, where you move only your own

Shoulders right and then move the movement, keeping the arms

in a relationship with the chest, their movement is him

Consequences of the above earthquake.

Shrubs are strong and do not add to the stroke.

Then you can add the bushes to the plague and make the bushes together

arms before beating, with shaking below shoulders.

Or lastly, you can make it a point to just hold the trees.

I would encourage you to try using both arms and wrists on

beats because you will be free and beats will be

i feel more natural.

As a result, you get consistent.

In all cases it is important to hit the ball with a square

the head of the club.

He once wondered why some players of the brand name line on

ball to point directly next to the selected line


When I tried, it made no difference to me. I still remember

as often as before.

I also learned that there is a second focus section on the brand name

on the whole. When you put your putter on the floor behind the ball, do it

Make sure the brand name and club face are at right angles for each one

one. This means that the head of your club is square to the line


Now all you have to do is keep your square head putter in the back

beat and beat, and you’ll be in line.

One of the most important things when developing a placement style is this

You will have to hit us again and again.

In particular you will find that the bush and the gripping style allow for this even more

than in any other way.

Another important thing is to find the right putter together

cling to it.


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