Olympic – where the International Brotherhood, Patriotism and United Unity

“The Olympics are where the international brotherhood, the patriotic patriarchy and the achievement of the individual form the ideal microcosm of the world.”

The modern Olympic Games, where most of the world meet every two years now, have been a four-year, world-class event. We produce the best for us: athletes, spectators and the world … who really participate in the ‘big’ festival. We all set aside our differences as we engage in this amazing world event, while at the same time displaying the deepest feelings of patriotism and personal effort.

When Sean White shows his newfound creativity in Torino or Vancouver, the youth of the world have messages. When an unknown logo from Georgia, Nodar (Kumaritashvili), whose last name no one can explain, died in training after the opening day of the Vancouver Olympics around the world, especially the Olympic athletics community. Or when Joannie Rochette of Canada lost her mother in the Olympics two days before her ceremony, due to a heart attack, the whole country. Joannie decided to continue going to school in honor of her mother, who was her best fan. He wore the best and never broke his face until his game ended in the same level, after which everyone cried with him. Finally he took the bronze medal, and he finished the way he was kissing as his eyes lifted up to the heavens, in a song of joy.

In 2003 before the Beijing Olympics, when Kim Collins won the 100-meter dash at the World Championships, most people had no idea that the letters were represented by SKN. Collins, who hails from a Caribbean nation on the islands of St Kitts and Nevis, said victory was “the biggest thing” that has happened since his country with less than 40 people gained independence in 1983.

The Olympic is one place where you do not deserve to come from a rich or powerful country, a wealthy family or a great nation or nation that is known to be treated equally and have the same chance of success. And for many, like Collins, their success adds to the state of their country and puts it on a tourist map or other people to help the world see the soft side of superpowers like Dan Jansen in America after handing over his skin to my sister Jane, who died of cancer the same day. Dan won that Gold six years later and took his victory leg and held his two-year-old daughter named Jane … to their sister.

As Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said: “When the country looks at Australia, most of their Australian image is shaped by the performance of athletes and women in the sport, including the Olympic Games” of our country as Australia hosted the Olympic Games.

When Tanzanian sprinter John Stephen Akhwari pulled his injured leg to finish the final 30 hours of the race at the Mexico City Games in 1968, he received applause and applause from the crowd who were always waiting to finish. . “My country did not send me to Mexico City to start the race. They sent me to finish it,” said Akhwari, 30 years later. Despite finishing last, Aquari became one of the most memorable figures in Olympic history and was hailed as his country’s national hero in 1983.

National pride is embodied in every athlete and every sport or event, yet it is a matter of sympathy for the best athletes from all over the world. Over the years the country testifies to how Japanese volleyball fans grew to love their national team and how Italians mourned the loss of their football team on the home ground. We have seen the Canadian powerhouse in soccer defeated by the longest American team and the most loved by the unequal athletes, including their team.

And as Olympic training, in a world that is shrinking, changing and evolving, we see a real and happy relationship for both athletes who are friends and competitors between the Canadian American and the Gold and Silver dance, respectively, who are trained and used snowmakers. And once again coach Brian Orser, formerly criticized as a skater, watched Kim Yu-Na become the reigning Queen as she took Gold as the first South Korean to win an equity award.

At times it was the countries that were held as many as actors. There were the Hitler Olympics (Summer and Winter 1936) that allowed a crazy man to use them to spread lies. Then in 1972 Germany had the opportunity to liberate themselves at the Munich Olympics where German-American Mark Spitz won seven Gold medals but his success was further enhanced by the killing of eleven athletes in Palestine by a military team. There were years of war (1916 Summer, Summer and Winter, and 1944 Summer and Winter) that led to the cancellation of the Games and the Moscow Olympic Games hosted by the United States and allied countries including Japan, West Germany, China, the Philippines and Canada , which led to the boycott of the 1984 Los Angeles Games summer Moscow and its allies, 14 East Bloc countries and allies including the Soviet Union, Cuba and East Germany (but not Romania). And there are ongoing jokes and drug abuse among runners in the Eastern Bloc under the influence of the Soviet Union. And recently there have been previous Beijing complaints about human and animal rights violations. But the Olympic flame has shown the love of the Chinese people in their country and many of them took to the streets after trying to disrupt, or even reduced the Olympic fighting immediately, even more than 17 days the Chinese government knew and publicly stopped their many human and animal rights actions. Eventually the people of the world and the people of the world ascend above the shadows.

And remember the opening of the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City? The fallen U.S. flag found in the hot ruins of the World Trade Center was unveiled as President George W. Bush announced the opening of the Games on behalf of a “proud, determined and grateful nation”. The heart of the world was with them. It was a U.S. message. in the country: Americans love their country as they stand in the shadow of the catastrophe of September 11, and the world must stand together to promote common sense and hope for peace.

However, finally with the names and performance of athletes such as: Sarah Hughes, Franz Kigueer, Dick Button, Jean-Claude Killy, Bonnie Blair, Bjorn Dahlie, Nadia Comaneci, Usain Bolt, Eric Heiden, Hermann Meir, Peggy Flemming, Steven Bradley, Carl Lewis, Dorothy Hamel, Jesse Owens, Scott Hamilton, American Miracle in the H Ice Hockey Team and the list goes on and on with the games that make up for the live spirit of the Olympics. Although Michael Phelps is widely regarded as an outstanding Olympic athlete, it will be difficult to put together a list of seniors. There are so many things. And it is impossible to compare the athletes of the first games against the experts of the era.

Times of real crisis bring the best for all of us, the people of the world, but the Olympic Games are one event that at least every two years brings out the best in society without problems. There is a good story of the airport and the town of Gander in Newfoundland that allowed nearly 200 planes to enter the United States airport, after the airspace closed in the United States for the first time in its history just hours after 9/11. But for the next 4 days and the wonderful hospitality of the people of Gander is a true story, and it is something that emerges without a hitch, at the Olympics.

It takes more than patriotism and the desire to win successful Games. It is important to show full respect to all athletes – to light up the stars such as Michael Phelps and Anton Apolo Ohno or those who persevere like the Aquarians or the Best Running Team of Jamaica, and the country and world culture from which they come. , for spectators who will be hosting the games, for the Olympics itself, for all previous competitors. It is a good line between patriotism, personal ambition and at least 17 days every two years, world unity. But, living together as a family and watching the Olympics with your children can be one of the most shared family experiences that can be lessons and encouragement without a direct word.

The Olympics are the hallmarks of a real understanding of the world and the creation of a better world, in contrast to the United Nations organizations, international social groups and the discourse of international order compiled and planned by selfish and influential politicians. Let us all hope to remember that and follow the light of the Olympic lamp and the unity of reality rather than the darkness of the empty dialogue of judges and conquerors.


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