Older Golf Companies on Earth – Special Club

The first golf course was played in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1456, but it took some time for the manufacturers to produce the game. After all, it was almost 450 years before companies realized its popularity. Although the first golf course began in Scotland, as did the first written rules, and the 18-hole course, it was good for the American genius to capture the first piece of golf course paint.

The oldest golf companies did not deviate from the claim to title the “newest.” Firms invested immediately in a change of pace with players today. A 1927 proclamation stated that “Spalding found that ‘the flat iron’ suppresses finger fatigue.” In 1922, Wilson Sporting Goods Company added golfer Gene Sarazen to its advisory board, starting a 75-year relationship. The famous Dunlop “65” golf ball was the best in 50 years that had never been seen before. And although MacGregor Golf sounds like a Scottish tad, the 110-year-old company is based in Albany, Georgia, and remains moderating its products in emerging technologies.

Modern companies entered the game of production with the unknown in the 20th century, producing products that were not considered by the blazers line. But if it’s one of the first things to pay off – how many products can boast of sponsored stories Patty Berg and Babe Didrickson Zaharis to get a women’s PGA? (Wilson, 1948.) Or what about working for a company started by the Hall-Of-Fame baseball pitcher, which produced the first golf ball? (Spraying, lifting the bar at the golf course engineering.) Those early commercials continue the work going on in the golf market: Stay on course with the highest standards.


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