New Jersey Golf Courses: Don’t let the winter stop you from traveling

Although you can stay or visit New Jersey during the winter months, golf may be an option for New Jersey golf courses. Most courses do not close in winter unless there is snow and ice in the course. Finally, the course should not be playable. Last year we had a winter full of snow and the ground was covered with most of the winter months. This is unusual! The last time in winter like this was probably about 7 or 8 years ago. New Jersey is located near the sea that helps moderate temperatures and weather during the winter months. I bet the courses will be open for that history past any indication. This winter should be tough and that means temperatures in the 40’s during the day. If possible hold a hot plate can get into the 50’s. This is perfect when the sun is out and there is fun in the air. Throw on a good jersey or golf jacket and go for it. Get out of the house and exercise while you can.

Average temperatures in New Jersey

  • November 56 ° F
  • December 46 ° F
  • January 41 ° F
  • February 44 ° F
  • At 52 ° F

New Jersey Weather Records and Average Source: Weather Station

Don’t let the winter months keep you away from your favorite sport. There is plenty of opportunity to go out and play 9 or 18 holes. This will help keep your swing and more importantly in a short game skillfully while changing times. This way you will never have to start coming again in the spring.

I grew up in Northern Pennsylvania and learned to play golf three times. I was closed during the winter months. When spring comes I will have to rebuild my turn. This can take at least a few times to get my swing set. Here in New Jersey you can find the opportunity to keep something good going on.


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