Grooved Golf Swing Series: Various placement tips

When you test the green lines in the middle of your ball

and the hole, you can stand, sit, or lie on your stomach.

Well, sleeping on your stomach is not an option, but I put it into this

make a note.

Standing and looking at the green slope on one side or the other

next to your placement method will not be displayed correctly separately


The shape seems to define the green.

Sleeping on your stomach will show you the current channels but it will

I don’t show you enough distance.

It will be very domestic.

Cracking is the best way to see the world’s lies.

You can see each slope slightly to the right or left

next to the line to the hole.

If in doubt, then,

look at the lies of the earth around the green.

Is it sloping in any direction?

From the front is green to the back or

from back to front?

Is it sloping at the sides? If it does, it will be worth the bet

if the ball breaks this way.

The next point I want to make is about long and medium distance


Which is more important, direction and line or distance?

He says “Both”.

I totally agree.

However, once you have applied the line using notes

mentioned above, you will place your putter head properly

your selected line.

As soon as your putter has the direction

saved. No more problems.

This means that all your thoughts are now far away.

You will need to know how far you can take your recovery head to achieve

a certain distance.

Have a few ways to practice setting the path

it is too far to take your putter, and do this while you watch


A good idea to restore your putter little by little and

pause to make sure you come back enough. Then he did

hitting with the intention of getting the ball to the hole.

Don’t try to sink in this place, but only think of getting the ball

near the hole to make sure you are at the bottom in two places.

In the distance you set, do the same.

If you try to immerse yourself in them, you will become more violent

and go too far past the hole if you are thrown.

This could mean that three put green. Expenditure


I won the championship once by focusing on two things to put everything


I was surprised that I had so many places.

I wasn’t trying to dive into the set, just bring it closer.

I remember being shocked when

the ball fell into the hole with my first set.

It was the farthest thing from my mind.

Lovely surprise though. In this way we can hang a



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