Golf Swing Series Series: How to Beat Your Program with a Power Putter Head

I’m sure you’ll agree that when you put it on, you have to hit the ball


Anything that is not square will send the ball incorrectly

line to the hole and cause you to throw your placement.

How do you do this?

Answer: by your grip, your strokes and the way you perform

Use your hands while you do the beating.

So, we take these ranking points, let’s take a look

hang on.

There is no better way to catch your putter.

Your approach is a grip that allows you to hit the ball with the head of a square.

A great start to holding our hands together

palm and then put your putter between your palms.

Now keep your palms aligned, remove your hands regularly

if you can hold your own club.

In this way, your palms face each other but at different levels.

Most people now put down two fingers of their upper hand

above the lower hand. I am very comfortable.

Some hold the club in the same way as they hold the other


Holding a regular golf course.

There is an item that must be set to set any other bell

and beat your setting like this. Left arm etc.

Try it but don’t expect to like this method. If you do, it’s okay and it’s okay.

And of course there is a back grip where it puts the right people

Their right hand over the left and the bevy of another difference

restricted only by speculation.

Good advice is long if your right hand is aligned exactly

the putter blade, the harder it will be to beat together

the line you want.

Use your right hand to push the putter head along the selected line.


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