Does the right Golf Swing connect you? Time to “Hold On” in 5 Easy Steps

So you want to get that good golf swing.

You remember that at the same time 3 years ago when you were able to surprise everyone (most of all of them!)

However, without all the practice and setting, a good golf twist will survive.

This article will give you 5 easy steps that can ensure you literally “stick” to your game and turn it into a skill.

Here is an undeniable fact. Your hands are the only place to meet between you and the golf team. In other words, to get a good golf twist, your grip should focus on everything that is necessary on your body and pass it to the club.

1. Open and leave the palm.

Imagine a straight line joining a meat pad at the base of your index finger to a meat pad at the bottom of your pinky.

Put a rubber grip on the golf club in this way of thinking.

2. Bend your fingers over the edge of the rubber. With your fingers stabilize the club, wrap your palm over your fingers and hold the rubber.

Your thumb should rest upright on the team shaft, pointing at the club head. Repeat the mantra “with six-fingers”.

3. Bring your right hand down to the left.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to wrap your right fingers and palm around the club and on your left thumb.

The final step in going before learning this simple thing is to lay the groundwork for a good golf course.

5. Your hands MUST face each other. Your left hand will be hidden inside your right hand.

Your right thumb will appear to rest on the club shaft, pointing at the club head.


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