Cleaning the Golf Course

Retaining golf grass is much harder than finding a killer in the garage and giving things ‘once more’. There are a variety of intricate and interesting ways to cut a fairway, all of which take a little skill, a little planning and the right amount of time and practice.

The fairway is the most important part of any golf course; it is important to keep it in good condition and even better if you can find that it looks good. Check out a few of these ideas by cutting the right golf pattern aesthetics and long-lasting turf.

Cross or Search Board

One of the most popular shearing patterns is cross cutting. Dealing with the look of the check board that golfers love, cross-cutting is a simple and effective way to cut a fairway.

To achieve this look, the mower driver walks in one direction in the width of the fairway and then looks in the first direction in the length of the fairway. The look of the check board comes from sections of grass that are pushed down the side of the patient, showing the golf light in green and black.

Cross-cutting is one of the best ways to keep your turf, but regular turning of the mowers needed to maintain appearance can be worn on the turf. Extra care must be taken by the user so as not to cause any damage while shaving.

The shear pattern of length

Another well-known pattern seen on fairways, the long grinding pattern makes fairways look longer with darker stripes and a simple turf between green and tee. It is easier to design than a horizontal pattern, the longer length patterns are made by simply cutting from the tee to the green and back again to make ‘path’ stripes on the grass.

Some golfers may argue that the length pattern has many implications for the game however, as the grass curled into the tee provides more resistance to the ball as it runs the course. Use multiple mowers to clean the entire course at once from tee to green without making a fairway pattern is also an option, although it is more expensive or time consuming.

It is also important to note that the fairway pattern should be changed every time it is cleaned to keep the lawn grass as straight as possible. Save and maintain your power on a regular basis, ensure a constant cut-off height and try to hire an experienced driver with good results.


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