Beijing Olympics 2008 – 2008 World Olympic Games

The Olympic Games were first held in 776 BC and were later closed by Roman Emperor Theodosius I. Later the first Olympic Games were held in Athens in April 1896 and have since been banned. Many countries such as Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Sydney and many others have played in the Olympics.

The 2008 Summer Olympics will be celebrated from August 8 to August 24, 2008. Beijing National Stadium will host the opening ceremony. The World Olympic Committee held a landslide vote on July 13, 2001, after which Beijing was awarded the Olympic Games.

The opening ceremony features traditional material and an art exhibition of dance and a platform representing the host country. The first event to be held is the handling of the national flag and the unveiling of the national anthem. Then there is the national parade where all the participating athletes march in the arena. Normally, Greece would march first as it was here where the Olympics began, and the country playing in Beijing would eventually march. All other nations will travel between the two nations Greece and Beijing.

Top Beijing artists and engineers and participants in cultural programs are working very hard to make this event a memorable one. Beijing has its own set of priorities. Mascot, torch, medals and theme motto.

Beijing has Fuwa which means ‘lucky’ dolls as their scots at the Olympics. Fuwa takes inspiration from the five Olympic rings and conveys the message of friendship, peace and best wishes to all children in the world. Includes natural features of popular animals in China – Fish, Panda, Tibetan deer, Swallow and Olympic Flame. The Chinese use symbols and symbols to spread goodwill. This is even more the ancient culture they still hold. Fuwa carries an invitation to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games all over the world to spread success, happiness, health and luck. It is the spirit of the Olympics that unites the whole world in peace and harmony. Mascot represents the cultural heritage of our nation.

Then we have the theme for the Olympic Games theme; “One world is another dream”. The slogan expresses the soul and spirit of the Olympic spirit – Unity, Harmony, Friendship and Progress. The most interesting part of the Beijing Olympics is the brand. It is a combination of the Chinese Seal with the word “jing” – the capital of the nation. The “seal” has open arms as we invite the world to the Olympics to celebrate peace and friendship.

One of the most important events in the 2008 Beijing Olympics is the Medals. The inspiration for its design is derived from the Chinese jade fragment “bi” inscribed with a numerical pattern. The medal is a symbol of greatness and represents respect and morality. Made of gold and jade. These awards will be presented to athletes who excel in their field of sport.

Many divisions in many upcoming events. There will be festivals such as fencing, boating, sailing, hockey, handball and many more. There are a total of 302 events of which 165 will be men’s events and 127 women’s events. Each sports icon is well designed and is called the ‘beauty of the seal characters’.

The Olympic Games are now divided into summer and winter sports. They are held individually for four years (Olympic). They were detained for one year until 1992. Since then, they have been separated for two years separately.


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