Are the Olympic Games more valuable than Life?

We are facing a global crisis and the desire to prevent it is non-existent. The unruly Zika virus in Brazil is yet to scare the world with a problem that could kill millions. While one of the conditions it affects affects young heads of babies already in more than a thousand cases there are some side effects that are currently emerging. One of them is the presence of the virus in the male sperm.

After rebirth and contact with the Spirit of the Universe, the only God in my opinion, many visions were given to me and a commission to remove the wall of blindness. It was established and strengthened by religious forces that promote business and wealth as an integral part of human life. They do not worry about the damage they have done or the ignorance they contain.

Among these ideas was one where no children were born and now I see how that could be possible. If minor heads need to be prevented then the Olympic Games should be canceled, suspended or relocated. But there are none of the solutions on the agenda as there is so much money invested in them.

It is only possible for runners to refuse to go, but that is not to be expected. After years of training and the excitement of the competition and the promised prizes it will be a thing of the past for those selected to opt out. The countries they represent are also reluctant to force them to do the right thing because they are participating in the next competition and glory.

Now I have mentioned the visions I was given in the 1980s about the last days and among them were the horrors of grief and death. They were so bad that after weeks of playing with them in my mind I asked not to be shown. My children have wondered why they should continue to do their studies and this is what is before us.

We cannot change the world because the Spirit controls and declares in the Old Testament prophecies that we will be in a trap of our inescapable action (Isaiah 34; 2,3 and Jeremiah 11:11, 12). This seems to be one of the references. The need for money and the greed that it produces are the driving force behind today’s catastrophes and we have no power to stop it.

Not only the Olympic Games are considered more important than life but there are many other factors that add to the tragedy.


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