All the Best Time for a Breakthrough Club … and the Winner is …..

The two famous and famous golfers known for being angry with the club throwing common items on the golf course, were fighting head to head and coming to the final round of the tournament. The whole world of golf was watching. As the two greats do something bad one after the other, they always follow by throwing their clubs. Some of the clubs are perfect for the pool or against the tree. As they prepared for the final round, one of them was asked who he thought would be missing & # 148 ;. & # 147; Easy, & # 148; he said, & # 147; a guy who runs out of clubs first. & # 148;

Everyone who plays this game is tempted to join his or her entry into the champion club, and most of us have given in to that temptation. But I can’t believe how many clubs I’ve broken by accidentally (yes of course)!

The first and most expensive golf club I ever bought was a traditional driver by one of the biggest club makers in Carmel, California, at the home of Pebble Beach. I spent a few days of my holiday getting ready and for three weeks waiting anxiously for my new club to arrive by mail. The man was very good! I was just rubbing the ball to the depths of the driving range and I couldn’t just wait for Saturday to come here so I could express this beauty in real action.

Finally, the day arrived. I loaded up my equipment and changed my shoes, and one of my friends came over and asked about the new club I was so proud of. I pulled it out of my bag and gave it to him to inspect. I walked around my car doing a final check to see if all the doors were locked. I tied my bag and slammed the trunk of my car. At this point it sounded a little scary, but I was eager to get started so I wouldn’t have to worry about looking.

When our names were called for the first tee, I was ready! I arrived at my hot new driver; Just knowing that this is going to be a great day & # 133; It wasn’t there. My knees were shaking, I had to shake a bloody scream and I almost fell to the ground in anger as I remembered that funny sound I heard when I broke my trunk a few minutes ago.

Then there was the time when I was shot to get up quickly and move on until I always hit a 60-degree. I was under a tree but had no more limbs. I could have a Tiger like that. Great mistake. I was wounded as if I were John Daly, I think I need that long swing that can only be delivered by Big John, and it turned out with all my might. The root of the tree! Damn it! I look at all the bones in my body. It was three holes later when I finally got my eyes back on the good foundations and found that I had bent my thin metal. Don & # 39; t worry, just a little pressure on the knee here and we can & # 133; Run! Okay, so now I have a little bit of brown for a solid turn.

But I can hold the dubious honor of a great time at a historic club. I played head to head with my usual four, and we had reached the final hole and a lot of money was on the line. The big drive put me in a strange place, about 20 yards closer to 18 greener than before. The best 6-footer put me about five feet from the hole in this hard par, which I rarely showed and would never step on in my life. The man was beautiful! I was going to fly a hole that gave me years of equality, and I would win all the money in one shot. It can never be better than that.

The other three had all finished, and it was under me the most practical, the easiest, just up the hill, straight to the putt & # 133; almost kicking. I milked her with everything she needed. I flattened it, trampled it, rotated it again, adjusted the ball imagin points and rubbed them as hard as I could. Finally I approached the ball & # 133; he is dead & # 133; they are not a problem. Perfect setback & # 133; good to put a stroke & # 133; good follow-up. It was great & # 133; goes straight to the line! The money was mine! Moving fist pump & # 133; No! Wait! What is h & # 133; !!! ??? Suddenly my ball flies like a nine o’clock and shoots twenty feet beyond the hole !! And right next to the hole was the head of my putter, just where it had fallen after the shaft had fallen and hit the back of my ball. Two putts later, finally, in the cup, at the dumps and out of the money. To this day my teammates insist that I should have been tested twice for hitting the ball. I’ll let you look at that law.

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